Robot Parking Becoming Popular In Bangkok

Robot Parking Becoming Popular In Bangkok

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Robot parking, also known as automated parking, is a technological solution used in many countries to help solve issues with space and land costs. The technology has made its way Bangkok in the past few years with the EmQuartier shopping centre and The Ritz-Carlton Residences at the MahaNakhon tower among the developments using it, reports local media.

The Thai capital has grown denser with land in prime areas scare and land prices reaching record highs. Developers have turned to automated parking solutions to increase the sellable area they have at new developments. According to CBRE, more than 50% of new downtown condo projects planned after this year will use the technology in some form or another.

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“The real advantage of automated parking is space saving. The average system can save up to 50% in parking space, giving buildings 40-50% more parking space as whole. By eliminating ramps and driveways, developers can utilise the space to fit extra cars into the parking structure. A conventional parking building uses an average of 25-30 square meters of built area including circulation per parking spot, whereas an automated solution only uses 12.5 to 15 square meters per vehicle depending on the size and type of space.” says CBRE Thailand Managing Director Aliwassa Pathnadabutr to the Bangkok Post.

People also like how the automated parking system is easy to use. It eliminates the need for drivers to have to find a spot and also saves time both for parking and leaving. However, automated parking is not without concerns.

“Most people have had a negative reaction to automated car parking, either because they are not familiar with the system or they have limited information on how it operates. Some are worried about waiting times and many do not like it as they believe it presents certain inconveniences when compared with conventional parking. For example, if you left something in your car, that would mean calling it back down and returning it to its space again once you get your things.” says Aliwassa.

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