6 Home Styling Tips for Photo Shoots Sure to Sell Your House in a Flash

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The internet is the first stop for most people who are looking to buy a house, and research shows that most buyers decide whether or not they want to buy a house before they even set foot through the front door. Beautiful images are a must if you want your house to sell for top dollar, so it pays to know a thing or two about styling before the photographer arrives. Set the scene with these simple tips and give your home a chance to shine for the camera.

6 Home Styling Tips for Photo Shoots Sure to Sell Your House in a Flash

Photo by Porebski Architects – Search Home Stylists and Property Staging Professionals

1. Steer away from clichés in the kitchen

Overused props such as wine and cheese make a kitchen look contrived, so come up with other ideas that reflect your home in its best light. Clearing the benchtops of all but one or two appliances is essential, but feel free to add pops of colour with fruit and flowers. A pot or casserole dish on the stove is enough to make a kitchen look homey – just the feeling you want to create for potential buyers imagining themselves living (and enjoying) the space.

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Steer away from clichés in the kitchen

Photo by Ethos Interiors – Master the Art of Decorating a Coffee Table

2. Style your coffee table like a pro

A stack of large-format, hardcover books is a good start no matter what the shape or size of your coffee table. Opt for books on art, design or architecture if you have them, and keep the pile to three or four books for balance. Top the books with an objet d’art or flowers, and choose a collection of other decorative items that work together. Sticking to a grouping of glass or similarly-coloured ceramic vases works a treat, even when they’re different sizes or designs. Keeping to the one colour palette means they don’t compete for attention, but add enough interest to make a room look polished. An empty coffee table would make a room seem cold, rather than welcoming.

Style your coffee table like a pro

Photo by Tim Barber Ltd Architecture – Bathroom Styling Tricks Anyone Can do

3. Make it look expensive

Your goal is to achieve top dollar, so make your house look like it’s worth spending money on with luxe touches that give it a high-end price tag. Display a decadent bottle of perfume, house soap and lotion in fancy dispensers (or show off their designer labels), and consider a silver tray for them to sit on. Be sure to add fresh flowers or a potted plant – orchids always look fabulous. Don’t worry whether the orchid is real or fake – the camera won’t be able to tell the difference.

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Make it look expensive

Photo by Jodie Cooper Design – Browse Glass Top Coffee Tables

4. Don’t make it too perfect

Stylish is one thing; staged quite another. The idea is for a room to look lovely yet lived in, so refrain from aligning every item with precision. The bookshelves here, for example, slant this way and that in a way that makes the room delightfully dishevelled and lived-in.

The same goes for cushions on couches. Perfectly-aligned pillows can make a room look too uptight and formal. A mismatched cushion imperfectly plumped makes a far more inviting statement.

Don’t make it too perfect

Photo by Kate Jackson Design – See More Cushions and Throws

5. Cosy up the living areas

Throws can be just as useful in lounge rooms. A soft blanket that looks as though it’s been thrown casually over the couch is often a wiser idea than a carefully folded blanket smoothed expertly over an armchair. Precise and perfect is only the way to go in a home that’s particularly formal on purpose.

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Cosy up the living areas

Photo by Key Piece – 12 Cosy Dining Room Lighting Ideas

6. Turn on the lights

This open-plan living/dining area is photo ready. Although it’s broad daylight, illuminating those statement pendants and downlights adds the ambience you need to make a home look welcoming.

Source: firstnational.com.au

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