9 tips for becoming a successful real estate agent

9 tips for becoming a successful real estate agent

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HONG KONG — There’s no one secret to succeeding in real estate. But here are nine tactics that could put you on the right path.

  • 1 Partner with other agents

    Perhaps a buyer or seller isn’t your cup of tea. Or maybe their price point isn’t in your wheelhouse.

    Rather than turn these prospective clients away, you should co-list or co-represent them with competitors, according to a panel of top-producing agents at Inman Connect.

    “Fifty percent of something is better than 50 percent of nothing,” noted Peter Gilpin, an Agent at Bangkok – based Terra International Realty (Thailand).
  • How successful agents succeed

  • 2 Use a publicist

    For as little as $500 a month, you can tap a publicist’s long-standing relationships with journalists to help position you as the local “noted source” for all things real estate.

  • 3 Pitch stories to reporters

    Reporters are constantly hunting for story angles. Rather than merely suggest that they use you as a source, hand them scoops on a silver platter.

    Are large garages or guest houses trending? Tell them.

    – “They’re hungry for topics,” said Peter, Sales Manager of Terra International Realty (Thailand).

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  • 4 Tap vendors and investors for leads

    Dzhibrailova milked business from vendors and investors she met as a property manager to “build a foundation” for her real estate business. Accountants and lawyers tend to be particularly potent sources of business, Kramer said.

  • 5 Host lots of open houses

    “Open houses are the best thing when you don’t have business,” Peter said. You don’t have to spend any money to host them, and in addition to reeling in leads, they can help you familiarize yourself with a neighborhood and its residents.

  • 6 Don’t turn down any deals

    When you’re getting your legs, never turn a buyer or seller away. Some transactions may not translate into fat commissions. But they might send more business your way or buy pricier homes in the future.

  • 7 Maintain connections with past clients and referral sources

    Peter says buying lunch (typically $50 per meeting) four times a week for contacts delivers about a 10 percent return on investment, much higher than the 2 percent return on investment he sees from blanketing neighborhoods with postcards.

    Peter sends market updates, just-listed cards, just-sold cards, and birthday and holiday cards to past clients.

    Sending former clients listing and open house notifications can also pay dividends, Kramer said.

  • 8 Hire a real estate coach

    Coaches aren’t for everyone, but Christophe Choo, an agent at Coldwell Banker Previews International, said coughing up $1,000 a month on coaching from The Mike Ferry Organization has delivered a tenfold return on investment.

    – “I need that little boost to get me going to the next week,” Choo said.

  • 9 Cultivate an online presence

    Paying developers to build a website that ranks high in search results is a more cost-effective and sustainable online marketing strategy than buying search engine advertisements, panelists said.

    Mike, who said he has three in-house employees constantly working on his website’s SEO (search engine optimization), said he recently won a $30 million listing through his online presence.

    – “That is your lifeblood going forward,” Mike said of SEO.

    Dzhibrailova said Yelp, where she ranks as one of the top five agents in her market, has had a “tremendous impact” on her business.

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