4-Year Visa Approved For Some Foreign Workers in Thailand

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Working in Thailand is about to get easier for some foreigners after the government approved a scheme that would allow highly skilled professionals and investors to apply for a 4-year visa, according to media reports. The cabinet has already endorsed the visa plan.

The plan was originally proposed back in March of 2016 by a number of trade groups who thought the new visa could help Thailand attract investment and foreign talents. Specifics regarding the new visa have yet to be released, but will soon be made available to the public by the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit, says Director Ampon Kittiampon to Khaosod English.

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Those who eventually receive the new visa can stay in Thailand with their spouse and children for up to 4 years without needing to obtain a work permit. They would also be able to avoid having to report to the authorities every 90 days, something required by other visa holders. With the new visa, holders would only need to stop by the Immigration Bureau once a year.

Applicants must be investors, start-up entrepreneurs, high-level executives, or highly skilled professionals to be eligible to receive the new 4-year visa. There have been no details as to what exact skills would be considered for the visa.

The government is hoping the new visa increases knowledge transfer and eventually increases business growth in the country while providing other long-term economic benefits. This is the 2nd major visa initiative announced by the government in the past month.

In August, a 10-year visa was made available for foreign retirees wishing to live in Thailand. Applicants from 14 countries who meet a list of conditions would be eligible to receive the visa that is granted in 2 parts: an original 5-year visa and an extension of the visa for a further 5 years.

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